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friends indeed..

19 Jul

i never grew up with many friends apart from my own brother who was my 1st play mate. i mostly stayed home with him and my grandma and we rarely visited.

even when i started going to school it wasn’t easy to make friends because i feared letting people into my private life. i was raised to respect other people’s business and in return i expect the same for me.

i have met lots people through my involvement in sports and school but i have been careful to separate my friends from people i know.

i have learnt that friends are people who you dare to be yourself with. my memorable moments in life sofar i have shared with my circle of friends high school, university, graduation and we await many more.

as we have grown older with work commitments and family we still keep in touch and have savoured eachother’s success and growth.

ultimately i have been with true friends not just friends of convenience. i have known them as guys who wish me the very best and men i could count on.

my friends have been my other family and therefore their influence on my life has been huge.  despite our differences we have accepted to respect and learn from each other.

we never choose our friends neither do they choose us but we remain with decision to be with or not with them. friendship like love doesn’t envy, doesn’t hate and wishes well.

we are not here for eternity so choose people who accept you for who you are, will be there for you when you fall and also still clap for you when you are at the top.

i never chose my friends but i have found people who i can dare be myself with…friends indeed!





am just living my life..

11 Jul

As i journey through life everyday i wake up in the morning to be best i can be not only for myself but for all the people who are influenced by my life.

I have been so lucky and blessed to have so many things that other people would want to have and this i don’t take for granted. i dnt know any pain growing up, i have been blessed with sporting talent, i have travelled the world, i have loved and been loved in equal measure and all these have been blessings.

As a grow old i have come to learn that life is more satisfying when even those around you can relate with your life. Some may not have been as fortunate as you are doesnt mean you rub your success in their faces. if you have been more fortunate than others your gift to God would be giving back and sharing your gains with others.

My success alone is and means nothing if those around me are not as successful as i am. This i have come to learn through team sports that the success of the team is more rewarding than the success of an individaul. i therefore detest self centered n selfish individuals for our successful is always a result of  someone else making a sacrifice.

As you live life dnt b selfish, empathy is great attribute for us to learn think about the other person and as our fore fathers told ‘the more love you give, the more love you get’.

My success is as important as the success of all those around me..



Hello world!

10 Jul

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