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Finding the Missing Link of Leadership

30 Aug

Connecting with others is the secret to successin business and happiness in life.

via Finding the Missing Link of Leadership.


u win some,u lose some..

2 Aug

When i was a young sportsman i loved cricket so much that winning meant everything to me. i hated being benched, i hated losing and worst of all coming 2nd. I didn’t care much who or what i had to go through to be best because the end justified the means.

However, as i matured i learnt the end never justifies the means but the means justify the end. i have learnt to appreciate being on the bench, be graceful in defeat and also celebrate victory in equal measure.

So is also in life..u win some, u lose some! we all desire to be happy in life how (means) you find happiness will justify your end(happiness). some find their happiness in friends, money, alcohol, smoking, sports, family, money, list is long.

However, like sports you always cant win. we share our lives with strangers trusting them to take care of us and be people we can count on but not all will be, even our own family maybe our greatest headache.

As a sportsman you learn to always graceful in defeat and look forward to the next in life as well we are hurt most by people we trust but it was never a guarantee that they would come through for us.

When you play even aganist weak opposition you can never guarantee the result but give your best hoping for the best but also expecting the worst.

So in life too, love unconditionally, laugh uncontrollably and smile so wide. dnt be afraid to be you, don’t hold back because of fear of the unknown, take a chance to know someone, give those who want to love a chance.

Not all will last but be grateful of  those who will make you happy and learn from those who never did.

Because life like is sports..u win some, u lose some!