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Simply Amazing

21 Sep

I got engaged to Isabella last Friday, no surprises there but i was still nervous NO is an answer too.

B, like i call her is simply amazing. There are girls you meet and it cant just be for one night. i remember the day B asked for my name and i knew that was it. Most girls then knew who i was so i never needed to introduce myself.

B has taught how to be proud with humility and also be humble. I was so hell bent on not falling for her because i felt our lifestyles were worlds apart. I was young, just started making my own money, people knew, i knew people i wanted to be Young Wild and Free yet Bella was humble.

I have always believed things are good to you when you have them not when you lose them. I got my act together and like they say the rest is ***.

B is my number 1 fan, wanderers 1st lady and my most reliable partner. she has missed only 2 games of Wanderers and when she isn’t around she follows us.

I have never been with anyone who is crazy about me like B is and it makes me very happy. My family adores B so much and she’s never a stranger at home.

I aint perfect but for Bella i will work to be. Am more than blessed to share a life with her, not all times will be good but i will endure the bad ones with her.

I love u B and even in my after life i will still life would suck without her, Simply Amazing.





what is meant to be,will be..

5 Sep

We all go through life wanting to be the best we can be. we want to be successful in all aspects of life, family and career. how will do this always differs because you blessings aren’t the same as other people.

Some people are born with a silver spoon and others have to go through a kiln to make it. Ultimately the desire to live a better life is inborn and no one seeks a mediocre life.

I may be wrong but what am saying is that what is meant to be will be. Even before we are born our paths in life have been chosen so if we ONLY believe in God he will show us our chosen way.

We go through life holding onto things that were not meant for us, wrong people, wrong career, wrong partner trying so hard to make it but if its not meant to be it wont to be.

This doesn’t  mean you sit back and wait, it means you work harder and have faith because God helps those who help themselves.

The difference in our lives is we always want to go through life on our terms which is wrong. we want to live our own or parents dreams not what God has in store for us.

I have changed my life not to live to the standards of this world but to those that are acceptable to God. Through him i can realise what his purpose for my life is.

I want him to use me change a life or touch someone, i have been blessed with a few things and i desire the same for everyone around me.

i haven’t let any failures or losses put me down because i know with God by my side am in safe hands. So let Go of whatever your holding onto, its not meant for you..what is meant to be will be!