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20 Nov

Last couple of months havent been easy..we lost the league title on the final day,that was so hard to swallow given that we were champions in waiting.
i have done some soul searching tried so hard to forget that ‘inside edge’ but it still haunts me. On my day i would have stopped it but you cant change much about what’s meant to be.
As leader of the team i should have done better,i always lead from the front that was my thing. But last season i relegated myself to the back bench and didnt contribute much so when the stage was set for me i couldnt roar because i had lost my instinct.
I let the team down n most especially myself living with the guilty that i/we could have done better.
Instead of feeling sorry for myself am working my ass off to come back stronger next season.
I have a 2nd chance to better myself and be good for the lads.
The ‘inside edge’ haunting me now maybe my get away shot next season..