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Counting my Blessings

31 Dec

The year 2012 has been a year of so many first times n alot of growing up for me,but the greatest lesson for me has been ‘never to judge anyone if you have never gone through what they are going through’.
I lost more than i won but every loss was a lesson as i made the transition from ‘not a boy not yet a man’ to a MAN.
Each day as i reflected on my progress,rest was my only drug because i was always exhausted.
Never the less you cant go through life wondering about ‘what might have been’ yet ‘what is’ is the best you have got.

I went through heart break with my team this year as we lost the lost the league on the last day of the season but shit happens.

i made and met some interesting friends and sharing my life with them was a win-win situation. i got the chance to play for my country and that is a moment i will forever cherish.

As i look forward to 2013 am counting my blessings, to feel loved and be loved isn’t a given but a blessing from God. I look forward to my wedding and eventually marriage to my fiancee as the beginning of forever for me.

Am starting all over in 2013, whatever happened did happen and perhaps for a reason. i look forward to the future with more courage for everything i have gone through has only made me wiser.

So see you all in 2013 if we make it and lets love one another as much as we love our own selves.




23 Dec

So i was with the BOYS on Friday night and we were having our usual banter. Given that we all have jobs and family commitments these nights are cherished.

We were talking about how money influences picking up girls and funny realisation is that money is a big time factor. When we were on campus and all you had was mums pocket money and this had to take care of you and girlfriend.

So every time you take your girlfriend out you can never give her the option to choose what she wants because we are on a tight budget here, since you ain’t that loaded as a dude you have to do those extra things. Must be funny so that you are not categorized as boring, she must come before you in bed least you are not good in bed.

Fast forward to when you are not living on a budget, Your money will do the talking for you. It’s no longer you who has to be funny but she gotta be funny least you find yourself someone else, you don’t have to fuck for forever when you are done so is everyone else. As longer as she can have whatever she likes PERIOD.

This is the difference between being broke and having dime when it comes to getting some, when you haven’t gota something its harder to get some because you have to talk your way into her plans.

It’s a tough world for brothers there are no short cuts either way you have to work!