Death n all its Friends-Tribute 2 My Uncle

20 Feb

Last Sunday we laid my uncle to rest and it was my 1st time to lose close family.

I looked in the grave and saw my uncle’s eyes closed and numb never to sing again in church or pray in tongues as he always did.

My uncle was very prayerful and in the words of his widow “we will definitely see him again’ therefore there was no need to cry.

However, i will focus on the sermon of the day where the pastor asked all us whether we had prepared for the day we will lay in a coffin. Had we done enough through our lives to deserve heaven or we would want to seek God on our death beds, but what if death struck suddenly.

I reflected on my own life and i have alot of work to do. Am a work in progress but i have to try harder, i need to love people more, be kind, be loyal , be faithful and most of all put my trust and loyalty in God.

Death and its friends always never a time when they will show so in tribute to my uncle to be able to see him again i need to be a better person.

Shalom Uncle Andrew and See you in another life!

Yo Nephew!


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