Dont Judge

29 Mar

Yesterday Night @ #Kwivuga someone talked about judging people..she likened it to being gay, Imagine how hard it is to be attracted 2 a fellow man but i mean some guys are tuned to like their fellow men! imagine how hard that is for straight chaps so don’t judge gays as yet..

I never want to be judged for the things i have done and the choices i have made and so many other people don’t either, so before you judge any one think to yourself whether you would want to be judged.

So someone had a kid when they aren’t married, she did abort or things arent going well in a marriage unless you have been through what someone else is going through don’t judge just be a friend.

Life is a journey with so many bumps and we could do without someone looking over our shoulders to make sure we live perfect lives, so Don’t Judge but Live a little for others and be empathetic. 

Today its some else but tomorrow it will be you on your ass, lets all respect each others choices because everyone sometimes has got to do what they have to do.


One Response to “Dont Judge”

  1. aminahbabirye March 29, 2013 at 7:22 pm #

    I used to judge people so much but after i gave birth , i now don’t judge people at all ! Life is short

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