Maybe God Is Wanderer

17 Apr

That’s how my fiancee summed up our Sunday victory..When we played our 1st game in Jinja against JACC the team that took the field that day was far from the team that finished 2nd. Ziraba Arthur joked that relegation not the title was a reality check for us this season.
Most of the team that ran shivers down opponents spins last season was no more, for that particular trip we just put together old timers and some school kids who only dreamed of playing for wanderers. They were okay but not Wanderers Okay, there was no way you could dream with that team.

i was hurt from losing the guys i thought would turn last season’s pain into hunger for trophies this season, however instead of licking my wounds we forgot and moved on.

One game at a time we believed that times have changed,nothing is gona come easy we have to work hard at everything that way we will be able to express ourselves with out putting ourselves under alot of pressure.

Game by Game we won 1, 2 , 3 stumbled against charity but kept going. We kept believing that game by game where ever we finished would be good enough.

But because God’s ways are not our ways, we should have believed more in him than our own selves! We go through a tough semifinal where i should have walked after nicking the ball with 2 runs needed to win but I DIDN’T.

The final game against Tornado was the most exhilarating game i have ever experienced, what i felt on that day am waiting on my wedding day for the same. It was a seesaw game with the balance shared over those 20 overs, for the 1st time in my Wanderers Career Coach Sam actually said he felt we would win this..N WIN WE DID!

This moment meant everything to me for i always wanted to win something for wanderers as a Captain, i took this season’s challenge as a God send even with doubts of giving up. I enjoy winning and didn’t see the same in my fellow mates, there are limits i couldn’t push them to if Push came to Shove.  However, instead of walking away, i stayed and i thought to myself i have to change my leadership style and that way i could get the best out of these kids.

However, this moment meant a lot for Wanderers as a Club. Our long suffering coach Sam, the ladies who always follow our games even when they don’t even understand the game, people who work so hard behind the scenes to keep the club running. This Victory wasn’t just for the 11 guys on the field but every Wanderer out there enjoyed it.

This doesnt take away the fact that we still have work to do, we are not going to rest but we are gona hit the ground harder knowing that our God Is Wanderer!


Remember Arthur..Look at Him! He took the 2 catches in the super over which won us the game! One of them is in the museum..Cheers Mate!


3 Responses to “Maybe God Is Wanderer”

  1. aminahbabirye April 17, 2013 at 3:18 pm #

    True God is a Wanderer , i missed the game but as i see the players one by one 3 days later the guys are still celebrating. Oh and Dennis don’t forget how my son and i have followed the team. Well in Guys !

  2. Allan Paul Nsibo April 20, 2013 at 11:15 pm #

    congs bro. that was worthy e wait, suffering, patience…


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