Meeting someone @ da point of need..

25 Feb

Its been a while since i wrote something only cause wordpress was acting up and i got a little lazy. However, i got so many unwritten words but i will choose to start with this. 

This year i chose this title as one of my resolutions, often time we want to help our friends and people but were you there when they needed you most. There are many people with friends of convenience the ones who wana be with you when the party is on but will forsake you when the dj aint playing. 

However, God asks us to back up our faith with actions and as much as we pray for good health and wish our people well lets do better, if you can help with their rent, tuition or medical fee. Today i got a call from a proud father who thanked me for helping his sons find work, i didn’t do much apart from recommending them but when an old man wishes you well it feels good.

Therefore all of us should try and meet people at their point of need, touch a life that same person may have been praying for an angel and you came along. Don’t just walk away but be a blessing. 



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