Tribute to My Daughter; JAsmine I will Be your River

1 Aug

i write this with teary eyes that’s how much Jasmine means to Us. The 24hrs in hospital waiting for her arrival were long and emotional kinda like the anxious wait for your HIV results. 

Then on July 4th 7.25pm Jasmine was here..very peaceful and looks just like her papa! Adorable n peaceful, 3 weeks earlier than expected i guess she was tired of waiting. if i can come out now why wait for later!

Jasmine has been everything Good, Bad, Ugly and Amazing. From ha night yelling to her peaceful times when she opens her eyes wide its everything you never expect.

This tribute is from my heart to you Jasmine..

The world you are born into is not for the faint hearted, Daddy n Mummy will try as much as possible to protect you but you got believe in something greater than us. 

Homosexuality is now legal and apparently they have rights too but we wouldn’t have you if we chosef life therefore dont be deceived those are ways of this evil world.

Deception is also an accepted way of life, there is even a famous show on tv about it. Accepting Bad as Good is an earthly standard we have bigger fish to catch.

Friends are as good as family as dont be afraid to love alittle, most times your friends will become your family. its not a given that your family will love you, you may share a DNA but not feelings.

Be free to express yourself explore your limits and extremes, i learnt this from my parents and i cant less of a parent if i dnt allow you the same but the single rule is paying back this faith through good deeds.

Be an empthatic person, everyone has a different story in life but deep down we all want to do good. Be generous with your love, you may someone’s godsend so that dont ignore other peoples feelings.

But most of all..BELIEVE in someone we have all never seen GOD. That guy made water come out of a rock and a whole ocean spilt open for his people to go through. As humans we are weak and not trust worthy but God never disappoints, he knew who you were when were still in your mothers womb and made plans to make you successful. So everyday you have to remind him of that promise whether things are going well or not he will come through when the time is right.

There are those who dont believe in HIM but that’s cool but Mummy n Daddy will be your river to him, we will guide and like a river runs sometimes you may flow in the wrong places but you will always find your source. Even when we go away you remain faithful because put a promise in your heart that he will see through.

Therefore my Jasmine, someday you will be all grown and making your own decisions and i look forward to that day but before then I will Be Your RIver.

Love U 2 Bits.



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