We Live, We learn

30 Sep

its been a while since i wrote something and sometimes in our greatest time of despair lies our inspiration.

We have had a season to forget with the team, from the highs of winning our 1st trophy in years last season to the lowest of being relegated this term. the extreme is unbearable one of happiness and another of deep regret.

Too many regrets wont help much but sometimes he need to go through the pain so that we work harder so that we are never here again. we lacked character this season, we were different players this season. We were very unfit, lacked game awareness, we took everything for granted like it was our divine right to be here.

However, you can never take anything for granted, we did we have been paid in hard currency. we can only mourn for so long and move on. The best thing about all of this is we get another chance to do better.

We need to raise our game, step up and be proud of ourselves. we are going to be playing in unfamiliar territory but part of life is always learning.

You never quit when the team isnt doing well, thats being a bitch or a quitter. You jump when its easy for you, i will stay and fight with renewed energy to get the team where i found it.

Am taking my second chance with both hands to step up and raise my game, help the team achieve bigger things and maybe win many more things.

For now i will take my share of the blame, drown in my own misery but i will take heart in the fact that i have another chance and going to make the most of it.

We live and We Learn.



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