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Weakness In Me

15 Oct

A band Played this song last night and reminded me of the high school dedications we used to send chics.

then the only weakness was mainly a girl because maybe we didn’t know much about ourselves, i want to think different now that am all grown.

Am a peaceful person totally hate confrontation, i always seek peace above anything else. Am a leader at work and most times my ways haven’t been appreciated because you need to act tough.

Being nice makes you friends but you never know who is taking advantage of you, sometimes this is a weakness.

i like to see this as a strength and not weakness. Being kind, listening well and being compassionate about other peoples feelings only makes you a good human being.

if people take advantage of me that’s their problem and not mine. i have given my best and been honest.

Our world needs love and if that is a weakness then so be it.