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Las Vegas n Cricket..

30 Oct

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but I will kiss n tell a little.
I got to learn of Vegas on our tour to Malaysia. Some of the finest cricketers Uganda has seen have come out of Naguru and specifically Las Vegas. Well in our world Las Vegas is synonymous with booty shaking, dollar bills and in another Vegas its a place where only the strong survive.
Our budding future cricketers desire to be from the booty shaking Vegas but they come from the real hustle Vegas. While I feel sorry for them as kids to have to hustle through life they aren’t thinking like me. They are proud of their ‘Vegas’, that background gives them the balls to desire the good life and never give up till they find it.
I have played with kids from this background and I tell you I admire their balls, they are fierceless in battle, wear their hearts on their sleeves while playing, they always leave all they got on the field.
However, I feel this background sometimes curtails their progress. In a team sport there are no special needs groups, you are all judged on talent and the other things are complimentary. These kids come from places with no proper family structure which is your 1st safety net. Imagine going away on tour to fight for your country but on the other your parents have told you to make sure you don’t return from the trip but disappear to do manual jobs. So on one hand their are 2 kinds of players in the team, those whose minds are only focussed on playing and those on doing both playing and looking for a way out.
Simple things like opening canned soda are very new to these kids, eating at a buffet has the etiquette of small servings but not to the ‘vegas’ boys the security of food has never been guaranteed for them so when you get to eat make sure it counts.
Cricket is a discipline sport with taking instructions the most important premise, but when you haven’t been coached these things since you were young you find it hard to take instructions. Some of kids come from homes where they also give their parents instructions, some even being the care takers of their homes.
Cricket becomes their only get away from that ‘Vegas’ it’s their only way out, bat and ball will take them to the booty shaking Vegas. No surprise that 6 of them never returned from Canada 6 years ago, others in Australia and Nz. Tale has it that one of the parents of the kid who disappeared was able to do so because the mother used ‘juju’ to make sure her son never returns.
Modern coaching is about understanding your players and how to manage them. While one group had cereal for breakfast another had nothing or if any porridge.
It’s cruel to sometimes judge these kids, they come into an environment very new to them, now they have to relearn what society deems ideal like taking instructions, table manners, language and acceptable behaviour.
A coach or manager becomes a father and has to impact life skills in the kids.
We live in a judgemental society and in the midst of competition no one waits for people to learn how to use fork n knife, because you are expected to already be knowing that.
Am not making excuses but I know where you come from will help you to get where you want.
So lets not be quick to judge becuase we have taken different paths.

WicketKeeper Batsman
Div 2 champs!



30 Oct

Preach sister


Last Thursday evening, on Sanyu FM, Stefan and I had a discussion (more like a disagreement) on the importance of foreplay during sex. According to him, it’s not all that and it’s apparently “neocolonialism”. Of course, I am on Team Foreplay. I understand only one consensual incident where foreplay may not be necessary, and that’s in the heat of the moment. Outside that, I believe rapists do not indulge in foreplay but we are not here to talk about crime. So here’s my question, why would anyone indulge in sex sans any type of foreplay, no matter how minimal? Do they like the feeling of what I call “sandpaper sex”?


Here’s the thing, sex is as much mental as it is physical. Therefore, before getting into it, there must be some type of preparation, right? Like it is with cooking, you don’t uproot your potatoes from  the earth and it’s…

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Wanderers Season-A Perfect 400m

26 Oct

If you were in Mwiri you can relate to this story. The 400M race was always exciting as the best athletes battle against each other in the last 200m around the rugby pitch, all houses now start cheering on their mates to ‘charge’ as we used to call it.

So on heats day, my house Hannington didn’t have a 400m runner and my good mate Bugzy offered to run for just. Prior to this Bugzy had never run at school, and as luck would have Bugzy got the dreaded line(where you are the 1st guy). On your marks, set and go! Bugzy came out the blocks like a man possessed and must have broken Usian Bolt’s record over the 1st 200m. The trick about 400m is to have enough steam for the last 200m when you mates start telling you to charge.

Our season in Div 2 was very unpredictable, we had no expectations from playing on very unfamiliar grounds to having a largely inexperienced team.

The one bonus we had is that Kayondo Hum had decided to stay with us for one more push, Hum had been captain in the dreaded season when we went down and i felt i had pushed him under the bus handing over a very young side to him. I think he felt he owed the team one final go and with him in the side we knew we could rely on a batsman who deliver for us consistently. True to form Hum stood out with bat scoring over 800 runs for us this season. He was ever present and never missed a single game, opening the batting for the team and also using his off spin to pick up important wickets when asked.

I took over the captaincy to make sure that we never miss the point but stay focused on making sure if we get back where we belong and let Hum concentrate on the business of scoring runs.

At the start of the season we surprised ourselves by making the semis of the t20 tournament and small signs of belief started to show.We started off Buddo against in Buddo even if we didn’t blow them away we did enough to win the game.

With a good head start we managed to finish 1st round unbeaten meaning we needed to win only a single game in the top 5 to get promoted and also be Div 2 champs.

We stuttered in the top 5 losing our 1st 2 games meaning our competition was closing in on us. We finally got the win we needed in our 3rd game and playing a crucial decider with Partidar as 2 team needed this result to go their way.

Despite the loss to Partidar on the last day of the season the lads were elated, we had proved to ourselves that we could go as far was we believed we could. Many people had given us no chance of ever getting back into Div 1 but we had proved our doubters wrong.

The real work starts now for us making sure we stay in Div 1, we need to raise our game so that we can compete so that at the end of next season we can still enjoy the dressing room instead of having a sad one.

This is what i call a perfect 400m even if we stuttered towards the end we were able to hold off the competition because we had run the 1st 200m hard enough but still have enough to make sure we don’t lose top spot over the last  200m.

BTW  Bugzy unfortunately burned out over the last 200m finishing last.


Wanderers Cricket Club.

PICKING UP THE KULAR LUMPUR PIECES; one wicket of 41 lost at a time.

23 Oct

Interesting reading..



Uganda 167 all out / U.S.A 168/4; Uganda lost by 6 wickets

Nepal 242 for 7 / Uganda 71 ALL OUT; Uganda lost by 171 runs

PNG 83 all out / Uganda 84 for 1; Uganda won by 9 wickets

Ireland 255 for 8 / Uganda 97 all out; Uganda lost by 158 runs

Uganda 130 all out / U.S.A 131/5; Uganda lost by 6 wickets


Unprepared Teams make for fruitless tours; suffocate talent and game derailing expeditions.

Statistics for players that made the tour as batsmen;

Player Innings Runs Average Balls Faced
Z Arinaitwe 5 114 22.80 82
J Gabula 4 72 18.00 177
K Waisswa 5 68 22.66 73
F Akankwasa 4 53 17.66 162
L. Abdallah 4 46 11.50 117
D. Bakunzi 4 41 10.25 98
J. Byaruhanga 2 22 11.00 31
B. Adriko 4 18 4.50 77
S. Ashraf 2 7 3.50 40



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U19WCQ-From the dug out

23 Oct

I had a lot of success as a junior player for my country and I wished the same when we travelled with the boys to Malaysia.
I have learnt quite abit on this trip about now and then.
As a junior player by the time I got play on the big stage I was well prepared, my game awareness was good and knew pretty much what I could and couldn’t do.
The team I played with was full of very strong characters but each of us brought something to the table reason we needed each other the more.
Fast forward now, times have changed this team is no doubt talented but that ain’t enough at this level.
Some of these kids have barely played cricket for 2 years.
Oketcho the leg spinner of the team was bowling military medium just last year. Most of them the longest trip away from lugogo was to play in Jinja.
It’s not fair to have expectations with this group of players because none couldn’t handle the standard of this level. The single game they won against PNG tells you more about PNG than us.
Nepal and Ireland were much better in how they went about their business very clinical and kept it simple.
At this level U19 players are looking at playing for their senior teams and this is used as a chance to put your hand up, Kagiso Radaba was at the last edition of U19WC in Dubai winning it for Southafrica alone. So you can imagine our boys are up aganist those kinds of players.
Then we played a lot of age group cricket competitions in Eastafrica and this helped us get the desired experience to survive on the international scene.  Asia and Europe are dominant because they copied and pasted this trend,  Nepal, Afghanistan,  Ireland are showing progress because of these competitions.
Namibia the automatic qualifier from Africa am certain would have struggled in this tournament.
We have to reinvent the wheel,  do things differently find a way of keeping these kids together, get them to play lots of cricket so that they can test themselves outside competitions. This helps you develop balls that are necessary to perform at international level.
Right now it’s a case of us expecting to get milk out of a cow we haven’t feed.
I know the kids wanted to make it to the World Cup but wanting and knowing how to get there are different things.
Things in our local league haven’t helped either, these boys are sprung to believe they are superstars so soon.
All of them now play for money which is so wrong.
You miss steps when you take that detour, kids end up playing in clubs where they are exploited and given no room to err because they are some kind of ‘pro’. In our days we all came through a system playing in Castle Development XI before joining the big league teams.
This gave us a chance to experiment with our skills as winning wasn’t an end but just a means to the end.
This helped players like Roger who spent 7 valuable years in Nile before he hit the big time. In Nile Roger was nurtured into a budding all rounder and am certain he is forever grateful for these years.
In our system which has no formal cricket schools,  we rely heavily on our club cricket and schools development programme to produce superstars learning from senior players early is the only way you can be a street smart cricketer in Uganda.
Some of these things I feel we can still do to protect our next generation of cricketers.
We need to expose the kids, have a genuine structure of growth for them otherwise if your greatest battle was against Masaka SS this level ain’t yours.
So for me this trip wasn’t about winning it was about learning, experience the flashing lights and am certain if we learn well we shall be in the next U19WC straight out of Africa but right now talent isn’t enough.

Wicketkeeper batsman
U19 2004/06

My U19 Part 2.. SriLanka 2006

15 Oct

Leading up to SriLanka 2006 we qualified with Namibia as Africa reps from an awesome tournament in Benoni Southafrica.
We were buzzing from S.A, we dominated teams on the continent. We were chasing runs for the loss of one or 2 wickets and our bowling attack was so superior to many others.
Issa, Wai, Ochan and Junior were fierce supported by Ssemanda and Davis no team had a chance.
The closest game was the semi-final against old enemy Kenya. Winner takes all kind of game,  our coach in Bangladesh Tom Tikolo was in charge of Kenya and knew our team so well. Their plan was neutralise our pace and attack Davis but they were in for a shocker. I carried an injured thumb into the game and knowing how fast our guys would bowl I was worried about bullshitting but the 4 chaps wouldn’t let me get off that easy.
Ochan tapped my thumb and said it’s only you we can trust behind the stumps, what followed after was sheer pace. Kenya was scoring at a rate of 0. 7 per over, we bowled 49 overs of pace with Davis only bowling the last over. I still don’t know how Kenya got 112 but somehow they got there. In the chase they knew we didn’t like spin and decided to go that way, we were negative blocking many balls and got into a tight chase. Pressure was on,  We needed the tail to handle it, by now coach Sam was half naked and up in a tree on the ground, only Jutine(now CEO UCA) was brave enough. Wai hated soccer warm ups but since he was next in he was juggling the ball like Arda Turin at his Barca unveiling, with 4 runs to Colombo as we kept cheering Ruyange swung across and that is the only time I have loved cross.
With our world cup ticket sealed we just showed up for the final with Namibia losing to them despite having beaten them in the group stages.
1st of all SriLanka is a beautiful island, Roger Mukasa and Solanki joined us for the World Cup replacing Kintu Micheal and Luyuyo Geoffrey who had been with been with us in S.A.
In the warm ups we played Zimbabwe and Ireland.
Justice chibaba stood out in the Zim team and he left all of us impressed with his batting no surprises when the was taking on Dale Steyn in the World Cup,  we Lost this one but not so ugly.
Ireland was nice, we managed to Nick them after posting about 230 and defending it. Our Wai trapped Morgan LBW early and that was it. Game Set Uganda, we over heard their coach giving them mouth for losing to us because he didn’t even know where Uganda was located on the African map.
We were again up against test teams Nz, Bangladesh and Pakistan in the group stages. No embarrassing scores we gave as good as we got. Pakistan was our 1st game with Sarfraz Ahmed their captain we batted 1st and scored 72 all out compare that to England 51 all out and India 71 all out we had competed. Kyobe saved us in this game for just being left handed, Anwar Ali made him fish the whole time to our advantage because no right hander was going to survive those inswingers.
They chased for 2 with Nasir Jamsheed scoring the bulk of the runs.
Against Nz and Bangladesh we fielded 1 1st.
NZ had Tim Southee in there and he was bowling gentle medium pacers never threatened anyone but now and then is a long time.  They scored 233 and we managed over 150 runs. Davis the only black caps fan i know savored this Moment playing against his team.
Bangladesh had Mushifkar Rahim as their captain with Tamim Iqbal,  Shakib Al Hassan all in there. Tamim n Rahim got half centuries and they got about 260 with us scoring about 120 all out.
We moved into the plate event where we faced Ireland(again),  Nepal and Scotland.
We lost to Ireland and Nepal and skinned Scotand.
I took one of the best catches of my career in the Nepal game, Wai was bowling nice inswingers and the Nepal skip glanced one down the leg n there i was superman taking a stunner (loved it n still do).
Scotland wasn’t game enough aganist us and we scored over 240 runs which we defended with Otim aka Uncle Ray confusing with his leggies.
We signed off losing to Ireland with Morgan killing us off. He was so positive and didn’t want to give us a chance.
Dean Elgar was captain of the SA team, Pujara was captain of the Indian team which included Rohit Sharma.
West Indies was had Xavier Marshal with Mooen Ali captaining England.
Pakistan won this World Cup defending their crown from Bangladesh.
We were the future of Ugandan Cricket, no surprises Davis, Hamza, Ochan, Issa, Ssemanda, Junior, Otim, Nakana, Roger and Wai broke through and have amazing careers with National team.
Today against USA these kids start the same journey like we did in S.A. maybe a longer route but it’s a means to a good end.
I wish them all the best.
I will forever cherish my World Cup moments till now Davis and I still talk about them like it was just yesterday.
SriLanka Team had
Hamza (Capt), Davis Karashani, Ronald Ssemanda, Ruyange Jr, Patrick Ochan, Okello Jimmy, Solanki Moneek, Roger Mukasa, Emma Issa, Kyobe Arthur, Otim Raymond, Waiswa Charles, Nakana Emma and myself.

UGANDA vs USA happening now..

Wicketkeeper Batsman
U19 2004/06

My U19 Story..

13 Oct

11 years we sat here in the same lounge watching the Westindies team with Ravi Rampaul walk past us. We were all heading to Bangladesh for the U19 WC.
As the 1st Uganda side to qualify for a tournament of that magnitude we were very excited.
Our journey to Bangladesh started in Namibia(I wasn’t part of this tour becuase of school commitments) but the lads had done well to qualify with Namibia as Africa’s reps.
We prepared hard with Coach Tom in Kampala, spending a whole month working on our skills.  For acclamatisation we spent 2 weeks in Chandigarh India but it was the wrong time to go there.  The place was so cold in that we lost all our games with spin being our downfall in al games. India was horrible to us, from the food to not showering we were losing morale.
We connected to Dhaka and damn we were finally in the World Cup.
For the 1st time in my life I got flowers around my neck the stuff they do for Sevo whenever he returns.
World Cup is world cup, no one treated us as underdogs we were heroes in those people’s eyes.  Even our bus driver was so proud of us he made us sign an autograph book for his son.
We were put in a group with 3 test teams,  hosts Bangladesh, England and Southafrica.
1st was Southafrica,  I didn’t play this game but I observed. Philander refused to play against us because he thought we were a waste of this calories. As usual we got whopped scoring 123 all out which SA chased for 1. Craig Alexander,  Keegan Africa, Andrew Bich,  Divan Van Wyk were part of the SA team.  Now we knew what it takes to be playing in the world cup.
England led by Alaistar Cook was up next and we taken to school. We had nicknamed cook ‘omufumbi’ and we were watching out for him.  Cook scored one of the best 23 runs I will ever see in my life, Otim aka Uncle Ray took a stunner to dismiss him and he did us a huge favour. Our fielding and fitness saved us about 50 runs that day with England getting 242, I remember irritating Ravi Bopara with my yapping behind the stumps.  He asked y i keep saying ‘well bowled Ochan’ when he is hitting everything and I mumbled ‘ am encouraging my bowler’
Samit Patel, Liam Plunkett, James Hildreth,  Tim Bresnan, Luke Wright n Cook as Captain made up the England team.
Special mention for stiff who was bowling blinders to us, I had never seen a wicketkeeper stand so far in my life.
Stiff had gotten all of us even before we played, in the tournament book his Bio read David Alexander Stiff ‘Right Arm Fast’ no one wanted to face that.
We were 42 all out with Davis and Ssemanda offering some resistance. Bresnan got me for 2 runs and was I glad it was him not stiff.
The hosts Bangladesh were a different story, in front of a sell out crowd we were 0 4 2 Kintu Micheal and I gone off the 1st 2 balls.
Hamza handled the Hatrick ball with class but we didn’t survive long scoring 66 all out.
However, Issa bowled a spell of his life that earned him MOM award Bangladesh chasing our 66 for 6. Issa claimed all the 6 scalps,  poor Issa told reporters in the press conference that his coach told him to bowl ‘tatu kwaine’ or 3/4 as you know it. We all just burst out and laughed.
Group stage was a tough ask for us and in the plate were able to compete. Nepal,  Ireland and Canada were our size.
We had good batting totals in all games but only nicked Canada.
Eion Morgan was in that Irish team,  We have away many runs against and even though we scored over 200 It wasnt enough in the end.
The Canada win was special because Martin Ondeko got 99 not out In that game. He could have gotten his ton but Otim couldn’t hear us screaming for him to stop swinging hard and give Martin the stike.
Either way that was our only World Cup win and it being our last game, it was a good way to sign off our 1st World Cup.
We were treated nothing less than celebs,  autographs,  police escort,  5 star hotels,  I don’t remember being paid but it didn’t matter.
Shikar Dhawan was player of the tournament in 2004. Huge lad I wonder why tv makes him look so small.
I sit here with these kids waiting for our connection to Malaysia and I know the feeling.
The Emirates Airbus 722-300 got them excited already, I know the feeling.  i hope they are fearless and go the whole mile..
That World Cup prepared us well for our next in 2006..
Clive Kyangunga as Captain
Hamza Saleh, Kintu Micheal,  Arinatiwe Davis, Martin Ondeko, Ronald Ssemanda, Ruyange Junior, Ochan Patrick, Jimmy Okello, Fred Isabirye, Kyobe Arthur, Charles Waiswa and myself.
Tomorrow I will tell you about 2006 SriLanka..