3 Oct

England is hosting the RWC and naturally the expectations are high.
The loss to Wales was blamed on their captain who chose to go for the line instead of taking a kick.
That is the price you pay for being BOSS.
In modern sport the job of a captain is in da Spotlight every time you have step on the field.

As I was starting out as a leader my premise was to always lead from the front.
I opened the batting for my school team that way I would show the lads I was more than brains but was capable of leading them in battle.
My role models then we’re Graeme Smith and Ricky Ponting.  Smith for the Proteas was unbelievable, he took over captaincy after the troubled 2003 when Shaun Pollock failed to provide the leadership S.A. needed to win the game by one run.
Then only 23 Smith was already cut for the job after having tasted the waters with the junior sides.
He wasn’t scared of making tough decisions and the most unpopular one was dropping Pollock from the team for an unknown Dale Steyn. Pollock was a legend and am sure CSA just wanted him to leave on his terms but Smith forced the issue.
I think you all know how the Stainremover story has punned out, he owes some of those 400 test wickets to Smith.
Smith knew he wasn’t a popular leader then and chose the right path of leading from the front. Not a natural Smith scored runs his way and lots of runs.
In England where the Proteas struggled Smith thrived.
His name does not miss on the honours board at Lord’s.
In the record chase against Australia most people remember Gibbs’s knock forgetting Smith got 90 odd, if Smith and not Dippenar had gone out earlier am sure there wasn’t going to be a record chase that night.
Due to time Smith’s powers started to wane In terms of influencing the game.
Injuries had played a part in slowing down his game and the moment he realised he couldn’t boss bowlers around anymore he chose to walk. Again like a boss!
During the series with Australia Mitch Johnson ended Smith’s career he just didn’t give him a chance.
If you get caught at short leg off a bowler sending down 92mph then you also know your luck has run out.
Smith might have wanted to give it one final go but he chose to walk, as someone who knows where their influence comes from he was done just like a witchdoctor whose gods have deserted.
The art of captaincy is no different for amateur sport,  I watched ScVilla take on Vipers yesterday and Villa fans kept saying the only player with balls on the pitch was their captain.
Ibrahim Sekagya showed it with the cranes for many years am sure it might have been the reason he got the nod ahead of David Obua.
Locally Tornado rides on Frank Nsubuga, he isn’t your greatest strategist but he leads from the front.
Frank is a game changer no doubt.
Davis Karashani as national team took his game from just a player to a man who leads from the front.
Over the years was comfortable as one of the lads but the time was given the job. Davis has a very good cricket head but he added balls to those brains.
Davis started influencing games either with ball or bat. His 2 daring chances against Namibia in Kampala infront of his own fans it made him celebrity a overnight.
He followed this up with this Man of Series performance in Bermuda during the Div3 WCL like a boss.
Am sure he must have taken notes from his role model Stephen Fleming that brains needed to be backed up by performances on the field.
Brian Masaba was a decent all rounder those kind of players who can do a bit of both.
That was never going to be enough for him to keep the job long term. Brian worked on his game and turned himself into a serious batsman.
Brian now can influence a cricket game and when he walks on you have to get someone at cow corner.
A job I consider very hard as you have to earn your strips as a player and also a captain.
I have always felt a captain has to always lead from the front.
Last season I stepped down because I realised I couldn’t influence results for my team and had to think of a way of redefining myself.
My team needed an experienced head but it wasn’t going to be about making the required 9 players I had to make a difference.
My wicketkeeping has been up there even after all these years and have taken some highlights this season and am certain these have lifted the team.
If this my only skill deserts me I will know and will walk away like the BOSS.
But like Ponting said in his 2006 Ashes Dairy ‘I love leading’ no doubt. It’s not a job for me but I challenge I have accepted and will take on as long as I can lead from the front.

Wanderers Cricket Club


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