Schools Cricket

5 Oct

I watched the school’s cricket week finals this year with a lot of pride.
Schools Cricket was back at its best,  Mwiri and Kololo fought bare knuckle style no gloves on.
Mwiri managed to edge Kololo only because they stuck to what they knew best, Kololo fell for this ploy by being very cautious. It’s one game and no other they should have gone all out and am sure Mwiri wouldn’t have had an easy win.
However,  this is a product of a back to the roots campaign by Mwiri old boys.
But this is not just about Mwiri but Schools Cricket in general.
I challenged our generation to make a contribution to the change that we all desire to see.
Our main contribution has been mbs to make comments on Facebook n Twitter about what UCA hasn’t done and failed to do.
The tide is changing and everyone is stepping up. Ivan did an amazing job with Nyakasura School and their progress upto the quarterfinals was evidence to this fact. Nyakasura and Jinja SS played the game of the tournament Jinja S S edging it in the super over. Jinja SS on the other hand has been a consistent performer because of the time Mugalula has put in that team. Losing some of their best players like Waiswa to Mwiri detered them abit but they are still a decent team.
Masaka SS is back in things because Yusuf Nanga aka Odoyo is resident there and now both their girls n boys teams are playing in the big time.
However my pick in our generation of people stepping up is Felix Musana Who has taken cricket to soroti on a solo mission. Felix isn’t an itesot and not dating one(not sure about that),  he studied in Butiki and just went to Soroti to eke a living. He spent more time in lugogo than Akello Hotel in Soroti therefore he had no reason whatsoever to do what he has done.
Felix chose to be different he took cricket to Soroti and made sure the ejakaitis and apeses played the game.
Olila girls was a joy to watch in the girl’s cricket week from the smartness of the team to having a full technical bench. They made the semi-finals in their 1st tour to Kampala. Most of the girl’s now play for Wanderers in our local league.
Felix as far as know has done all of this our of his own pocket with little or nothing from UCA.
Last weekend Ntare Old boys were in Ntare to work on the revival of cricket there. That is stepping up!
Ntare school has produced some of the best cricketers Uganda has known Clive Kyangungu,  Martin Ondeko,  Davis Karashani,  Byansi Brian,  Alvin Bagaya,  Mark Taremwa,  Donald,  Kwach Isaac,  Kevin Nyesiga but cricket ended as soon as many left.
Cricket only thrives in a place where interest is sown otherwise short sports like football and basketball take root.
Ntare has been over shadowed by the powerful rwenzori region but am certain they have the potential to get back where they belong.
UCA has a lot of work in terms of following up where interest is shown,  but we need to give back what was given to us.
I won’t forget the times Davis Turinawe and Innocent Ndaula spent naturing us in Mwiri, Kenneth Kamyuka and Frank Nsubuga followed later and this is what made us. This genuine effort to pass on experience,  teach the right skills at an early age has been an asset growing up.
However, these guys coukd have done so many things with their weekends and waited for UCA to act but they didn’t, therein lies our challenge.
Cricket is game we all love and it’s time we get dirty.
We need to support the kids coming through anyway we can. You may not go to the school because of a tight schedule but make a contribution for any one who has the resource to do so.
It’s time we go back to our roots and there are examples to follow,  never too late.
We need to cause the change we want to see. UCA will always meet us halfway.

To Ivan, Isa, Ogwang, Mugalula, the Ntare tour team,  Mugisha,  Felix we are very proud of you.
I can’t for the 2016 Schools Cricket Week.



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