PICKING UP THE KULAR LUMPUR PIECES; one wicket of 41 lost at a time.

23 Oct

Interesting reading..



Uganda 167 all out / U.S.A 168/4; Uganda lost by 6 wickets

Nepal 242 for 7 / Uganda 71 ALL OUT; Uganda lost by 171 runs

PNG 83 all out / Uganda 84 for 1; Uganda won by 9 wickets

Ireland 255 for 8 / Uganda 97 all out; Uganda lost by 158 runs

Uganda 130 all out / U.S.A 131/5; Uganda lost by 6 wickets


Unprepared Teams make for fruitless tours; suffocate talent and game derailing expeditions.

Statistics for players that made the tour as batsmen;

PlayerInningsRunsAverageBalls Faced
Z Arinaitwe511422.8082
J Gabula47218.00177
K Waisswa56822.6673
F Akankwasa45317.66162
L. Abdallah44611.50117
D. Bakunzi44110.2598
J. Byaruhanga22211.0031
B. Adriko4184.5077
S. Ashraf273.5040



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