Wanderers Season-A Perfect 400m

26 Oct

If you were in Mwiri you can relate to this story. The 400M race was always exciting as the best athletes battle against each other in the last 200m around the rugby pitch, all houses now start cheering on their mates to ‘charge’ as we used to call it.

So on heats day, my house Hannington didn’t have a 400m runner and my good mate Bugzy offered to run for just. Prior to this Bugzy had never run at school, and as luck would have Bugzy got the dreaded line(where you are the 1st guy). On your marks, set and go! Bugzy came out the blocks like a man possessed and must have broken Usian Bolt’s record over the 1st 200m. The trick about 400m is to have enough steam for the last 200m when you mates start telling you to charge.

Our season in Div 2 was very unpredictable, we had no expectations from playing on very unfamiliar grounds to having a largely inexperienced team.

The one bonus we had is that Kayondo Hum had decided to stay with us for one more push, Hum had been captain in the dreaded season when we went down and i felt i had pushed him under the bus handing over a very young side to him. I think he felt he owed the team one final go and with him in the side we knew we could rely on a batsman who deliver for us consistently. True to form Hum stood out with bat scoring over 800 runs for us this season. He was ever present and never missed a single game, opening the batting for the team and also using his off spin to pick up important wickets when asked.

I took over the captaincy to make sure that we never miss the point but stay focused on making sure if we get back where we belong and let Hum concentrate on the business of scoring runs.

At the start of the season we surprised ourselves by making the semis of the t20 tournament and small signs of belief started to show.We started off Buddo against in Buddo even if we didn’t blow them away we did enough to win the game.

With a good head start we managed to finish 1st round unbeaten meaning we needed to win only a single game in the top 5 to get promoted and also be Div 2 champs.

We stuttered in the top 5 losing our 1st 2 games meaning our competition was closing in on us. We finally got the win we needed in our 3rd game and playing a crucial decider with Partidar as 2 team needed this result to go their way.

Despite the loss to Partidar on the last day of the season the lads were elated, we had proved to ourselves that we could go as far was we believed we could. Many people had given us no chance of ever getting back into Div 1 but we had proved our doubters wrong.

The real work starts now for us making sure we stay in Div 1, we need to raise our game so that we can compete so that at the end of next season we can still enjoy the dressing room instead of having a sad one.

This is what i call a perfect 400m even if we stuttered towards the end we were able to hold off the competition because we had run the 1st 200m hard enough but still have enough to make sure we don’t lose top spot over the last  200m.

BTW  Bugzy unfortunately burned out over the last 200m finishing last.


Wanderers Cricket Club.


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