30 Oct

Preach sister


Last Thursday evening, on Sanyu FM, Stefan and I had a discussion (more like a disagreement) on the importance of foreplay during sex. According to him, it’s not all that and it’s apparently “neocolonialism”. Of course, I am on Team Foreplay. I understand only one consensual incident where foreplay may not be necessary, and that’s in the heat of the moment. Outside that, I believe rapists do not indulge in foreplay but we are not here to talk about crime. So here’s my question, why would anyone indulge in sex sans any type of foreplay, no matter how minimal? Do they like the feeling of what I call “sandpaper sex”?


Here’s the thing, sex is as much mental as it is physical. Therefore, before getting into it, there must be some type of preparation, right? Like it is with cooking, you don’t uproot your potatoes from  the earth and it’s…

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