Las Vegas n Cricket..

30 Oct

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but I will kiss n tell a little.
I got to learn of Vegas on our tour to Malaysia. Some of the finest cricketers Uganda has seen have come out of Naguru and specifically Las Vegas. Well in our world Las Vegas is synonymous with booty shaking, dollar bills and in another Vegas its a place where only the strong survive.
Our budding future cricketers desire to be from the booty shaking Vegas but they come from the real hustle Vegas. While I feel sorry for them as kids to have to hustle through life they aren’t thinking like me. They are proud of their ‘Vegas’, that background gives them the balls to desire the good life and never give up till they find it.
I have played with kids from this background and I tell you I admire their balls, they are fierceless in battle, wear their hearts on their sleeves while playing, they always leave all they got on the field.
However, I feel this background sometimes curtails their progress. In a team sport there are no special needs groups, you are all judged on talent and the other things are complimentary. These kids come from places with no proper family structure which is your 1st safety net. Imagine going away on tour to fight for your country but on the other your parents have told you to make sure you don’t return from the trip but disappear to do manual jobs. So on one hand their are 2 kinds of players in the team, those whose minds are only focussed on playing and those on doing both playing and looking for a way out.
Simple things like opening canned soda are very new to these kids, eating at a buffet has the etiquette of small servings but not to the ‘vegas’ boys the security of food has never been guaranteed for them so when you get to eat make sure it counts.
Cricket is a discipline sport with taking instructions the most important premise, but when you haven’t been coached these things since you were young you find it hard to take instructions. Some of kids come from homes where they also give their parents instructions, some even being the care takers of their homes.
Cricket becomes their only get away from that ‘Vegas’ it’s their only way out, bat and ball will take them to the booty shaking Vegas. No surprise that 6 of them never returned from Canada 6 years ago, others in Australia and Nz. Tale has it that one of the parents of the kid who disappeared was able to do so because the mother used ‘juju’ to make sure her son never returns.
Modern coaching is about understanding your players and how to manage them. While one group had cereal for breakfast another had nothing or if any porridge.
It’s cruel to sometimes judge these kids, they come into an environment very new to them, now they have to relearn what society deems ideal like taking instructions, table manners, language and acceptable behaviour.
A coach or manager becomes a father and has to impact life skills in the kids.
We live in a judgemental society and in the midst of competition no one waits for people to learn how to use fork n knife, because you are expected to already be knowing that.
Am not making excuses but I know where you come from will help you to get where you want.
So lets not be quick to judge becuase we have taken different paths.

WicketKeeper Batsman
Div 2 champs!


One Response to “Las Vegas n Cricket..”

  1. Patricia Kahill October 31, 2015 at 4:19 am #

    Society is tough entity.

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