Hold On-Topapa

25 Nov

Ramla was extremely smart with a nice body and short hair. She was always punctual, always calm never a hair out place. She was the envy of the entire school, teachers adored her and the rest of the school envied her.

Ramla never lacked, her break and lunch were always paid for by her many admirers and the attention got to her head. She gave in and had sex with Deo the school head boy,together they were like romeo and Juliet.

Ramla got pregnant, by the time she sat for her PLE nothing showed but rumours spread and she looked pale and haggard from the constant vomiting. She told the teachers that she had malaria and they believed her. As P7 vac commenced, Ramla attempted an abortion using a metallic hanger but failed and instead damaged her bladder. Ramla couldn’t pick up her PLE certificate because of her baby bump and the stench that came from her constant leaking urine.

As Ramla got heavier, Deo took off and never looked back. She became withdrawn and depressed. She gave birth to Jamal, but she couldn’t join secondary school because of a condition later diagnosed as Fistula during a free medical camp in her village in Busega. Her parents looked after and her son and kept encouraging her to keep taking good care of herself despite the stench of her leaking urine. Ramla became an outcast; the stigma was unbearable. Whenever she travelled in a taxi people looked at her with their noses turned up in disgust. Ramla gave up all hope of a normal life and concentrated on raising her son, gardening and doing chores at home.

One fine day in the middle of August, Ramla’s parents were informed of free fistula treatment at Mulago Hospital conducted by the top surgeons in Uganda. They jumped at this golden chance and they took their daughter for surgery, and nursed her throughout the next 6 months until she recovered. After weaning Jamal at 2 years of age, Ramla studied catering at YMCA and later got a job as a waitress in a good hotel. Even after Deo abandoned her Ramla had her parents for comfort.

Young girls should not be flattered by boys and men who lure them with favours and gifts. Teenage pregnancy can ruin their lives and even lead to death. Deo continued with his education but Ramla’s life was ruined by pregnancy.


Therefore young girls need to Hold On, Linda Ko, Topapa,  No need to rush.  There is time for everything. Ramla had it all but becuase she rushed, she lost it all.

This whole month a team of bloggers has been highlighting Teenage preganancy with the hashtag #EndTeeenagePreganancy #Twefugge

Lets be responsible, Twefugge.

Please get in touch.

Straight Talk Foundation Plot 4 Acacia Avenue, Kololo. P.O.Box 22366 Kampala-Uganda, Tel: 0312 262030/1,

email: info@straighttalkfoundation.org,

Website: http://www.straighttalkfoundation.org

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/STFUganda

Facebook: Straight-Talk-foundation






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