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Firing Squad

10 Jan

2015 was such a pill but 2016 ain’t a better drug..
I have a soft spot for people I would like to thing it’s empathy.  I don’t have much to give but I can relate with not having.
I learnt a hard lesson about giving or sharing, am a believer in helping but I also read that helping without someone asking for that help is meddling.
Now I know it’s better to give to a beggar because he asks for it than go out of your way to help someone because their life story is sad.
I have been on the firing squad where my ‘help’ has been thrown back in my face.  And now that am on the firing squad I have surrendered, I don’t want to be a fraud neither do I want to be a pretender.
Every single day people go out of their way to share whatever they can afford even if it’s a hug, and the end in mind being that someday that good deed will be passed on. However, an equal number of people feel frustrated that end may never be achieved because the receivers don’t believe in the means through which it’s given.
My grandma always says the reward for good deeds is in heaven and not on earth so everyday I want to give up on giving a hug to someone who needs it I remember my reward is in heaven.
Lots of times you will be on the firing squad, but don’t get tired of giving not just your money but your time, smile, hugs and kisses.
It’s so much easier to love than hate..

Have an amazing 2016, don’t stop giving!