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Understanding His/Hers

4 Mar

So after work my cousin and i are arguing over the issue of whether women and men can just be friends.

In her world friendship with guy has to have an end which is the happily ever after story but i argue that in my world friendship is the end and it isn’t a means to anything.

Her point is if a guy is doing boyfriend duties then he is literally campaigning for that position, boyfriend duties include going out for a drink with his mates, watching a movie or soccer together, horny sexy(apparently chics dont bang friends), sharing 10k incase you are tapped out.

Makes me wonder whether we are always on the same page when we do certain things, in a guys world an outing to watch ManU playing a UEFA Cup game and dropping you off late at night doesnot count as a date, i cant leave you to get a boda am worried about my friend and her safety end of story but in a chics world’s that totally means something different.

If i want to tap that as a guy, i make my intentions clear from the get go before i get friend zoned. As men our intentions are always clear from the start, if i start with ‘Hey i love your ass’ i think you can read between those lines compared to starting with ‘hey is this seat taken’. If a guy takes you out and his intentions arent clear from the beginning just know he aint into that. We are living in a era of ‘we have sex 1st and we fall in love later’ the era of the 4 ‘Ts’ Tutule, Tulye, Tunwe then Twe….is slowly but surely fading away.

I have always thought its hard for women and men to be just friends because its always hard for either to stay in their lane. For guys the option is always open if she offers i will tap that kasita she is my friend for women they often catch feelings.

In a man’s world body count is rated as experience unfortunately for women she will be perceived as a whore. For men sex is a physical activity but women sex is an emotional thing which has to end with a sleep over so that she doesn’t feel like a whore.

I guess jury is still on whether friendship is a means to an end or friendship is an end itself.

Nice weekend.