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9 Nov

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My Best XI-Cricket Season

9 Nov

Tornado B were finally confirmed as league champions for the third year running and this was more less expected. There were no surprises given that they have maintained the same team for the last 4 years.
They have a model club in terms of organisation and administration. Small things most times are the difference between winning and losing. Tornado B are deserved champions, here is my best XI this season.

1.  Mukasa Roger (Tornado B)
Papa as he is popularly known has delivered for Tornado B as they needed him to. His 4 centuries at an average of 65. 44 and a strike rate of 131. 77% made a firm foundation for tornado B’s batting, he picked up 17 wkts with his part time spin and tops the fielding charts with 13 field dismissals.
He has been a dream all rounder for his Captain and he should be our season MVP.

2.  Thawitamwira Ivan (Challengers)
Ivan will be remembered for batting with the tail scoring a match winning 165* to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat against Charity. That inning made Ivan a cult hero of sorts and since then his numbers have been impressive. He followed that up with another matching winning 96* against Nile and in all accumulated 516 runs at an average of 64. 50 at a strike rate of 94. 6%. Ivan has scored very important runs for Challengers who were battling relegation but were able to finish high up the table. There are no shortcuts to success and Ivan puts a lot of time into his batting, am certain he is enjoying his rewards. He should comfortably take home Best Bat for the season.

3. Lawrence Ssematimba (Tornado B)
The small lion has been a silent operator.  He has wound back the years to offer Roger much needed support. As an accumulator he has scored 329 runs at an average of 41. 13 and a strike rate of 63. 88%. He has stepped up this season mixing aggression, flair and grit well.

4. Kayondo Hum (Wanderers)
There is always little to write about Div 2 players but Hum has stood out this campaign. He has finally managed to be a consistent performer and his runs have no doubt helped wanderers get back up. He managed to score 2 centuries with 4 half centuries collecting over 500 runs at an average of 52. 14. His staying might be the only reason they managed to get back up.

5. Frank Nsubuga (Tornado)
Tornado might not have finished as high up as they should have but Franco has been a consistent performer. His ban towards the end of the season put a halt to Tornado’s charge for the title. Franco scored 269 runs at an avg of 44. 8 picking up 18wkts with best figures of 5/6. He is my Captain for the season.

6. Mukaya Shama. (Charity)
Numbers don’t like and Sharma is miles ahead of the other keepers in the season. He had 20 field dismissals with 17 being catches. With the attacking brand of cricket that charity plays Sharma has helped them behind the stumps. A reliable keeper is like a solid goal keeper he can be the difference between winning and losing.

7. Karashani Davis (Tornado B)
Despite the fact that he is retired, Davis has combined well with Cyrus spinning Tornado to another title. Davis creates the pressure that Cyrus and Akbar exploit to pick up many wickets. His high standards have made sure he never gives away too much picking up 19 wkts at an econ of 3. 94 with best figures of 5/19.

8. Ssenyondo Henry(Challengers)
Endu has been a mean magician with his left arm spin. Henry has bowled 100. 4 overs picking up 26 scalps at an economy of 3. 12 with best bowling figures of 5/6.
He has done as well Thawi has with the bat.
He should take home the Best Bolwer of the season award.

9. Waiswa Charles (Tornado B)
Wai has always been lethal with a new ball In hand.
He has picked up 15 wkts with an econ of 4. 21 and best figures of 4/41. His ability to bowl at the start of the innings and the end makes him a captain’s dream bowler.

10.  Waiswa Kenneth (Nile)
For this young lad the sky is the limit,  Wai has bowled very well given that this is just his second season in the top flight.
He picked up 19 wkts at an economy of 4. 44 and best bowling figures of 5/33. Waiswa followed this up with a strong performance in Malaysia for the U19 team, also earning himself a national team call in the process. Am certain he will play for Uganda for a very long time.

11. Nasser Ahmed (Nile)
Nasser has had a strong all round performance for Nile Cricket Club scoring 321 runs at an avg of 22. 93 and picking up 16 wickets at an econ of 3. 09 and best figures of 4/18.
His performances enabled Nile finish as high as 2nd in the table.

Special Mentions:

1. Gabula John(KICC)
Gabula popularly known as stable base has had a wonderful season with the bat. His partnership at the top of the order with Lubega has bailed KICC out lots of times. His performance with the bat for the U19 team in Malaysia have enabled him get alot of confidence and he should score lots of runs next season.

2. Issanez Emmanuel
It was such a dream to see Issa run in an bowl superb lines.
Issa worked on his this year game season and his numbers were amazing he managed to pick 20 wkts with best figures of 4/34 and scoring 156 runs at an average of 22. If he keeps up this kind of form am sure he will be back playing for Uganda.

3. Kakande Ivan
Kakande is a hard worker and he has numbers to back him up. Ivan picked 21 wkts with his left arm spin and contributed a handy 146 runs at an avg of 24 and strike rate of 70%.

It will sad to see Charity going down because they have some exciting young players like Opio Ronald, Frank Akankwasa and Cosmos.

Tornado B were Div Champs while Wanderers won the Div 2 title.

Wicketkeeper Batsman.
Wanderers Cricket Club.

Sex And Growing Up. #LetsTalkStraight #EndTeenagePregnancy

3 Nov

Source: Sex And Growing Up. #LetsTalkStraight #EndTeenagePregnancy

Teenage Pregancy-The Silent Killer

2 Nov

Eve( not real name) had just joined campus she had full life ahead of her, at 19 her dreams were cut short by an act of selfishness of a family member. One night at a family house party Eve was savagely raped by her own cousin, she didn’t know how it happened because she didn’t feel anything. Her drink had been laced with something by this beast who took advantage of her. Its only after 2 months that Eve started to feel weird, her boobs suddenly felt a little bigger, she missed her period for the 2nd time, she decided to do a pregnancy test and her worst fears were realised.

Her own cousin was now her worst nightmare, he confessed before the family about the act but this could never give Eve her freedom and life. This moment changed the course of her life, She would always be judged by this thing/Child. Her mind raced with all kinds of thoughts, the family of the beast protected their own demon calling Eve a whore who forced her self on their child. If misery loves company then it found Eve, Eve’s mum who had felt her daughters pain passed away 4 months into her pregnancy.As a mother, Eve’s mum had stood by her daughter and promised to always protect her child from the abuse and scorn the world would give her.Eve wondered how this kind of life had chosen her

Eve thought about abortion everyday until she gave birth to Chris(not real name). She gave up fighting with her own thoughts, yes Harris was born out of incest, she was a victim of rape, she had dropped out of school, betrayed by her own family, lost her mum along the way but she hadn’t lost herself. Eve got back up with the support of her dad, Chris gave her a new lease of life he was innocent, he had done no wrong, every time she breast fed him she never thought about how he came into being.

Eve had lost time she had missed out on school, her classmates had already graduated by the time she was well enough to go back to school.

One in every 4 girls between 15 to 19 years is already a mother or pregnant with her 1st child according to a Unfpa report

Eve just happens to me a statistic in this case. Teenage pregnancy put Eve at the risk of death while giving birth, having a still birth is also higher in teenage mothers and also the chances of developing fistula are high in young mothers. Teenage mothers rarely get the chance to finish education as they are now burdened with taking care of their children and this in the end leads to low productivity of these individuals culminating into poverty in the long term.

The major cause of teenage pregnancy is premised to be lack of sex education for girls which leads them into situations they don’t know how to deal with, the breakdown of the family unit has also contributed to teenage pregnancies as the only protection that girls had is now the silent killer for girls.

The role of sex education is very important in having healthy relationships that are beneficial to society. Teenagers need to be educated about the dangers of having sex at an early age

Having sex at an early age has effects on both the boy and girl, whereas boys treat it as just sex in some situations families of the girl force the boy to take responsibility of the pregnancy leading to families headed by teenagers. They all miss out on a chance of having a proper education to be able to fulfill their dreams and live a satisfactory life.

Peer education should include Family planning talk which includes teaching teenagers how to have manageable families. family planning is essential in the modern day as the cost of living is high and maintaining a family especially in the urban areas is expensive.

The most common method of family planning especially for sexually active teenagers is the use of condoms for both boys and girls. These are available for free in government health facilities, Makerere University had a policy where health ministers for different halls always distributed condoms for free in student rooms and also were provided for free at the university hospital.

Adolescent health is another good health practice, couples need to support each other when expecting a child. The men need to support their partners especially by going for antenatal visits with the expectant mother. Antenatal visits will ensure that the mother has a safe delivery, know her HIV status so make sure the baby is safe from any danger, and also monitor the growth of the baby. The support of the father gives the mother the comfort that she will not be alone in raising a child. Raising a child in a loving home will give a child the kind of protection they need to grow into responsible citizens.

Most teenage mothers never get the chance to get through the education, however there are alternative ways of making sure that these teenagers become productive in life. There are many opportunities through vocational institutions where teenagers can learn entrepreneurial skills. These skills can be used by teenage mothers to own businesses which can allow them enough time to also look after their families for example tailoring, candle making, table cloth making, making bead necklaces. These are income generating activities which can earn mothers money, also raise their self esteem as people who can contribute to society in a responsible way.

There are many organisations that are supporting teenage mothers in order to rebuild their lives,  these offer support in terms of making sure they have a ready market for their products and also provide training for them to acquire more business skills.

Eve didn’t get to choose when she will have a child through family planning, she missed out on the support of her partner while she went for antenatal care, she was lucky though not to have contracted HIV from what happened to her and through the support of her daddy was able to complete her studies. She now owns a small business to make sure she can support her son. However, not all girls are as lucky as Eve that some how they can go through this horror and still manage to come through as winners. These ordeals are unfortunate and most times happen to people who don’t deserve them but its not the end for teenage headed families and mothers.

But 1st we must educate the young early enough, knowledge is power, delay sex but if you cant be wise while doing it make sure you use protection.

Your Health Your Wealth.

Denis Musali.

Social Commentator.

Las Vegas n Cricket..

30 Oct

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas but I will kiss n tell a little.
I got to learn of Vegas on our tour to Malaysia. Some of the finest cricketers Uganda has seen have come out of Naguru and specifically Las Vegas. Well in our world Las Vegas is synonymous with booty shaking, dollar bills and in another Vegas its a place where only the strong survive.
Our budding future cricketers desire to be from the booty shaking Vegas but they come from the real hustle Vegas. While I feel sorry for them as kids to have to hustle through life they aren’t thinking like me. They are proud of their ‘Vegas’, that background gives them the balls to desire the good life and never give up till they find it.
I have played with kids from this background and I tell you I admire their balls, they are fierceless in battle, wear their hearts on their sleeves while playing, they always leave all they got on the field.
However, I feel this background sometimes curtails their progress. In a team sport there are no special needs groups, you are all judged on talent and the other things are complimentary. These kids come from places with no proper family structure which is your 1st safety net. Imagine going away on tour to fight for your country but on the other your parents have told you to make sure you don’t return from the trip but disappear to do manual jobs. So on one hand their are 2 kinds of players in the team, those whose minds are only focussed on playing and those on doing both playing and looking for a way out.
Simple things like opening canned soda are very new to these kids, eating at a buffet has the etiquette of small servings but not to the ‘vegas’ boys the security of food has never been guaranteed for them so when you get to eat make sure it counts.
Cricket is a discipline sport with taking instructions the most important premise, but when you haven’t been coached these things since you were young you find it hard to take instructions. Some of kids come from homes where they also give their parents instructions, some even being the care takers of their homes.
Cricket becomes their only get away from that ‘Vegas’ it’s their only way out, bat and ball will take them to the booty shaking Vegas. No surprise that 6 of them never returned from Canada 6 years ago, others in Australia and Nz. Tale has it that one of the parents of the kid who disappeared was able to do so because the mother used ‘juju’ to make sure her son never returns.
Modern coaching is about understanding your players and how to manage them. While one group had cereal for breakfast another had nothing or if any porridge.
It’s cruel to sometimes judge these kids, they come into an environment very new to them, now they have to relearn what society deems ideal like taking instructions, table manners, language and acceptable behaviour.
A coach or manager becomes a father and has to impact life skills in the kids.
We live in a judgemental society and in the midst of competition no one waits for people to learn how to use fork n knife, because you are expected to already be knowing that.
Am not making excuses but I know where you come from will help you to get where you want.
So lets not be quick to judge becuase we have taken different paths.

WicketKeeper Batsman
Div 2 champs!


30 Oct

Preach sister


Last Thursday evening, on Sanyu FM, Stefan and I had a discussion (more like a disagreement) on the importance of foreplay during sex. According to him, it’s not all that and it’s apparently “neocolonialism”. Of course, I am on Team Foreplay. I understand only one consensual incident where foreplay may not be necessary, and that’s in the heat of the moment. Outside that, I believe rapists do not indulge in foreplay but we are not here to talk about crime. So here’s my question, why would anyone indulge in sex sans any type of foreplay, no matter how minimal? Do they like the feeling of what I call “sandpaper sex”?


Here’s the thing, sex is as much mental as it is physical. Therefore, before getting into it, there must be some type of preparation, right? Like it is with cooking, you don’t uproot your potatoes from  the earth and it’s…

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Wanderers Season-A Perfect 400m

26 Oct

If you were in Mwiri you can relate to this story. The 400M race was always exciting as the best athletes battle against each other in the last 200m around the rugby pitch, all houses now start cheering on their mates to ‘charge’ as we used to call it.

So on heats day, my house Hannington didn’t have a 400m runner and my good mate Bugzy offered to run for just. Prior to this Bugzy had never run at school, and as luck would have Bugzy got the dreaded line(where you are the 1st guy). On your marks, set and go! Bugzy came out the blocks like a man possessed and must have broken Usian Bolt’s record over the 1st 200m. The trick about 400m is to have enough steam for the last 200m when you mates start telling you to charge.

Our season in Div 2 was very unpredictable, we had no expectations from playing on very unfamiliar grounds to having a largely inexperienced team.

The one bonus we had is that Kayondo Hum had decided to stay with us for one more push, Hum had been captain in the dreaded season when we went down and i felt i had pushed him under the bus handing over a very young side to him. I think he felt he owed the team one final go and with him in the side we knew we could rely on a batsman who deliver for us consistently. True to form Hum stood out with bat scoring over 800 runs for us this season. He was ever present and never missed a single game, opening the batting for the team and also using his off spin to pick up important wickets when asked.

I took over the captaincy to make sure that we never miss the point but stay focused on making sure if we get back where we belong and let Hum concentrate on the business of scoring runs.

At the start of the season we surprised ourselves by making the semis of the t20 tournament and small signs of belief started to show.We started off Buddo against in Buddo even if we didn’t blow them away we did enough to win the game.

With a good head start we managed to finish 1st round unbeaten meaning we needed to win only a single game in the top 5 to get promoted and also be Div 2 champs.

We stuttered in the top 5 losing our 1st 2 games meaning our competition was closing in on us. We finally got the win we needed in our 3rd game and playing a crucial decider with Partidar as 2 team needed this result to go their way.

Despite the loss to Partidar on the last day of the season the lads were elated, we had proved to ourselves that we could go as far was we believed we could. Many people had given us no chance of ever getting back into Div 1 but we had proved our doubters wrong.

The real work starts now for us making sure we stay in Div 1, we need to raise our game so that we can compete so that at the end of next season we can still enjoy the dressing room instead of having a sad one.

This is what i call a perfect 400m even if we stuttered towards the end we were able to hold off the competition because we had run the 1st 200m hard enough but still have enough to make sure we don’t lose top spot over the last  200m.

BTW  Bugzy unfortunately burned out over the last 200m finishing last.


Wanderers Cricket Club.